XCMG Foundation Business Unit, as one of XCMG’s main industrial sectors, with high-end equipment as the core, is committed to becoming a comprehensive solution provider for basic engineering construction and underground resource drilling and mining, focusing on piling machinery, trenchless machinery, and energy drilling and mining machinery , Coal mining machinery, tunnel machinery, underground mining machinery R&D and manufacturing, as well as construction method technical support, engineering construction and other full value chain services, leading the industry to cut waves.

The company currently has the world’s largest tonnage rotary drilling rig and horizontal directional drilling rig. XCMG rotary drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling rigs have ranked first in the domestic market for eight consecutive years, and have the largest market share in key overseas markets. Products have been exported to Europe, America, and Africa , Southeast Asia and more than 80 countries and regions.

The company continues to improve its intellectual property management system, accumulatively authorized more than 410 patents, accumulatively authorized 72 invention patents, and won the title of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. Many models of the products have passed the EU CE certification and Russia GOST certification.

The company continues to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing. It has a demonstration intelligent workshop in Jiangsu Province-an intelligent manufacturing workshop for rotary drilling rigs, and an intelligent scheduling center for production and operation.

The enterprise was re-evaluated as a “manufacturing single champion model enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics;

Facing the “14th Five-Year Plan”, XCMG Basic Business Department is planning to build a “smart + ecological” thousand-acres new basic engineering machinery industrial park, and is committed to building the first brand of world-class basic engineering machinery.



More than 410 authorized patents


Accumulatively authorized 72 invention patents



Products have been exported
to more than 70 countries

XCMG Group actively implements the “going out” strategy. Its product sales network covers 183 countries and regions, and it has established more than 280 overseas outlets around the world to provide users with a full range of marketing services. Its annual export exceeded US$1.6 billion and maintained industry exports for 30 consecutive years.

The radiant “Xugong Gold” is in bloom all over the world.


At present, XCMG has a total of 7,137 authorized patents, including 1,756 invention patents, 56 PCT international patents, and the first domestically produced set of products and more than 100 sets of major equipment. The National Development and Reform Commission recently released the latest evaluation results of more than 1,300 national enterprise technology centers across the country. XCMG ranked 46th in the comprehensive evaluation and first in the construction machinery industry with a score of 90.5.

Technological innovation has become the winning weight for XCMG Group to shine in the world.

Centering on the national strategic requirements of “Poverty Alleviation”, XCMG takes “XCMG to make the world a better place” as its public welfare value proposition, and implements “Blue Dream Boys” in the five public welfare fields of earthquake relief, education aid, poverty alleviation, industry development and green environmental protection 14 global public welfare projects, including “Travel”, “African Water Cellar”, “Blue Dream” Global Scholarship, “Global Good Robot”, and Blue Love Help, create an international, precise and systematic road to charity.

XCMG Group keeps its mission in mind, leads by example, and moves the world green.

XCMG Social Responsibility

Under the guidance of the “one, two, three, three, four, four” strategic guiding ideology system, XCMG is really hardworking and striving for the first. He has successively won the “China Industry Award” and “National May 1st Labor Certificate”, the only industry in the industry and the highest award in China’s industry, as well as the “National Technology Center Achievement Award”, “National Science and Technology Progress Award”, and “The 14th National Quality Award”, the first batch of national and Jiangsu Province’s first “National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, “National Advanced Primary Party Organization” and “Equipment China Meritorious Enterprise” and other honorary titles.

Honor is supreme, and XCMG will continue to live and struggle.