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XCMG Official Anchor Bolt Drilling Machine XMZ120A


TheXMZ120 multi-function drilling rig is a compact and powerful drilling rig. Itis a multi-function machine for anchor drilling for foundation pitstabilization and landslide treatment, injection for protection of tunnel, tunnel pipe roof drilling, tunnel rescue hole drilling, geothermal drilling, injection of diaphragm wall drilling and high-pressure injection etc. Drifter and ODEX system can be applied for drilling with full casing, as well as DTH,cone-bit mud drilling and wireline core drilling without casing.

Technical characteristics

1、Modular design, replaceable rotary drive and auxiliary arm, multi-use of one machine.

2、Intelligentelectronic heat radiation system, accurate temperature control, energy conservation and environmental protection.

3、Manydegrees of freedom human console, stronger site adaptability.

4、Hydraulicand electric two kinds of working control, facilitating to transition and transport.

5、Therig can be transported completely into the container.


Engine parameters.
Engine model.-QSB4.5-C160-30.
Engine power.kW.119kW/2200rpm.
Motor parameters.
Motor power.kW./
Operating voltage.Ⅴ./
Power head parameters.
Maximum torque.kNm.14.1。
Maximum speed.r/min.68。
The input system parameters.
Maximum lifting force.Kn.70。
Maximum forward force.Kn.70。
Maximum up and down speed.m/min.40。
Maximum forward speed.m/min.40。
Into the itinerary.Mm.4000。
Chassis parameters.
The outer width of the track.Mm.2280。
The total length of the track.Mm.3146。
Clamp parameters.
Clamping range.Mm.60-415。
Maximum horizontal hole height.Mm.4250。
Optional drill pipe diameter.Mm.73 89 102 114。
Weight of the whole machine.T.14.5。
Transport dimensions.Mm.9800 x 2280 x 2800.


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