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XCMG Official Anchor Bolt Drilling Machine XMZ130T.

XMZ130T Hydraulic Crawler Anchor Drilling Rig is specially designed for Micro-piles work. The characteristic of this rig is excellent motility reliability and high productivity. The active and passive safety device can ensure maximum security and provide a full range of protection. This machine can work in different types according to the needs. So this kind of drill rig can be used to drilling construction micro-pipe and anchoring applications.

1. There are each two hydraulic outriggers in rear and front of the drill rig,with the outriggers it is easy to adjust the degree of level of the machine and can effectively guarantee the rig body stability and the accuracy of hole.

2. The complex connecting rod derrick system with multiple degrees of freedom provides transport convenience, and make it possible that even working in a narrow and small work region.

3. It adopts the Cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine to provide strong power and conformity with Euro III emission standard.

4. It adopts the Euro Drill HD5012 rotary head, the max. torque can be 14100Nm, high speed and low-speed modes provide a high applicability of the machine in a different layer.

5. The speed of pulling and feeding of the rotary head can be changed in high mode and slow mode makes it more efficient that when drilling and hoisting in slow mode and when loading and discharging in fast mode, makes it more efficient.

6. The normal size of the rod can be passed through the clamps is 50~255mm,the maximum braking torque of the clamp is 30kNm and maximum clamping force is 150kN, this configuration can easily satisfy the demand of the normal project.

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Engine parameters.
Engine model.-QSB4.5-C160-30.
Engine power.kW.119kW/2200rpm.
Motor parameters.
Motor power.kW./
Operating voltage.Ⅴ./
Power head parameters.
Maximum torque.kNm.14.1。
Maximum speed.r/min.68。
The input system parameters.
Maximum lifting force.Kn.70。
Maximum forward force.Kn.70。
Maximum up and down speed.m/min.40。
Maximum forward speed.m/min.40。
Into the itinerary.Mm.4000。
Chassis parameters.
The outer width of the track.Mm.2280。
The total length of the track.Mm.3146。
Clamp parameters.
Clamping range.Mm.60-415。
Maximum horizontal hole height.Mm.4250。
Optional drill pipe diameter.Mm.73 89 102 114。
Weight of the whole machine.T.14.5。
Transport dimensions.Mm.9800 x 2280 x 2800.
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