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XCMG Official Anchor Bolt Drilling Machine XMZ90

1. Tunnel slurry, pipe sheds, radial and lateral anchors, surface reinforcement and other construction can be achieved;

2. Clamps, drill masts, power head components and other modular design, to meet the multi-configuration quick switch;

3. Double-back transformation of the agency design, construction operation positioning efficiency is high, a wide range;

4. Electro-liquid dual-control walking control, convenient transition walking;

5. Swingable operator’s station design, precise construction operation;

6. Optional engine warm-up system to ensure low-temperature start-up capacity;

7. Optional ahead of the geological forecasting system, real-time monitoring and storage of drilling data.


Engine parameters.
Engine model.-QSF3.8t3TC125.
Engine power.kW.93kW/2200rpm.
Motor parameters.
Motor power.kW./
Operating voltage.Ⅴ./
Power head parameters.
Maximum torque.kNm.9.6。
Maximum speed.r/min.95。
The input system parameters.
Maximum lifting force.Kn.50。
Maximum forward force.Kn.50。
Maximum up and down speed.m/min.54。
Maximum forward speed.m/min.14。
Chassis parameters.
The outer width of the track.Mm.1500。
The total length of the track.Mm.2300。
Clamp parameters.
Clamping range.Mm.60-225。
Maximum horizontal hole height.Mm.3050。
Optional drill pipe diameter.Mm.73 89 102 114。
Weight of the whole machine.T.8。
Transport dimensions.Mm.5210 x 1500 x 2650.


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