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XCMG Continuous Flight Auger Drillling Machine XR180D CFA

Being a multi-purpose machine, it realizes CFA and Rotary Drilling method through changing working devices.

Using originally imported Cummins turbocharged engine, it meets the emission standards of Europe, also it is energy efficient, environment friendly and powerful.

Using main winch of single layer, it effectively handles issues of steel rope abrasion, thus prolonging the using limit. In the meantime, using fourfold steel rope tremendously improves elevation force.

Choose pressure function of winch to adapt to construction on hard formations.

Imported brands of hydraulic components, a reasonable match of power system, high efficience in construction;

Specially stretchable H-type chassis is easy to transport and adjust, making sure stability and reliability;

Equipped with the intelligent control system, CAN field-bus and PLC control system which are all protected under intellectual property rights, it includes auto/manual adjustment of the verticality of drilling mast、auto detection of depth、intelligent fault diagnosis control,etc.

Automatic control of master volume enhances perfusion of suited concrete, improving reliability.

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