Deep Well Drilling Rig XSC1200/30

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1, Xugong home-made all-ground off-road chassis transport, can be applied to complex road transport requirements, can handle formal license, transfer efficiency, low cost;

2, can be turned up the driving force head with independent automatic rod change mechanism, high torque buckle remover, power Kava and other multi-mechanism to achieve automatic rod change, high efficiency;

3, lcd touch display real-time display drilling parameters, to achieve intelligent monitoring and data storage;

4, all-hydraulic drive power head, accident processing capacity is strong;

5, large carrying capacity large travel telescopic box-type drill frame, good structural strength, can handle III.

6, key components, including engines, reducers, pumps, motors, in-supply wire rope, etc., the use of internationally renowned brand products, reliable work, long life;

7, full hydraulic load sensitive control system with adaptive independent cooling control system, to meet the long-term continuous work needs;

8, extensive chassis legs using mechanical locking mechanism, high stability of the vehicle;

9, the tower, into the key actions are set hydraulic lock or balance valve locking mechanism, valve and cylinder between the use of explosion-proof valve, effectively prevent the pipeline burst caused by the accident;

10, the work station height adjustable, the maximum ground height can be adjusted to 2.1m, convenient wellhead operation;

11, humanized fully enclosed operating room, equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, one transport does not need to be disassembled.

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