Drill Jambo TZ3A Three-boom hydraulic rock drill jumbo




XCMG Official TZ3A Three – Boom Hydraulic Pilot Drill Jambo

1、Main Applications

It’s mainly applicable for the tunneling operations of roadways and tunnels in mines and other underground projects.

Capable of drilling of blast holes, anchor rod holes, and undermining holes and installation of explosives, anchor rods, and air ducts.

Maximum operation area coverage: 180㎡.

2、Technical Features

(1)Drill Jambo

The hydraulic drill jambo adopts special structural process on the basis of the domestic tunneling process to realize super-strong anti-bending capability, high drilling speed, and low drilling tool consumption and effectively improve the working performance of tunnel side hole drilling.


The lightweight high-strength alloy girder features high anti-bending, anti-distortion, and anti-fatigue performances and longer life.


It’s applied with energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and low emission engine, powerful all-road all-drive self-adaptive traveling system, integral frame, and rear-wheel steering system, featuring high vehicle stability.

(4)Drill Boom

The all-directional paralleling-maintained drill booms of proprietary technology features accurate positioning. The drill booms adopt equal-strength structure design to realize reasonable structure, high strength, and long life.

(5)Drilling System

The automatic anti-seizure, anti-empty-drilling, and automatic return functions of drilling tool are provided to effectively improve the drilling efficiency.

3、TZ3A drill jambo (Optional version)

(1)Highlights of FGS system

  1. Customized navigation process
  2. Visual display of all boom positions
  3. Click to zoom up every display
  4. Automatic stop of drilling upon sending of 24V signal to every drilling boom
  5. Press reset button to automatically stop drilling in event of interference.
  6. Production report after every drilling cycle
  7. Calculation recommendation for charge volume
  8. Optional top view and side view
  9. 3D views in drilling data management for the viewing of background office
  10. Display of drilling pressure of Montabert jack drill and indication of overpressure
  11. Available Chinese operation interface
  12. 4 pressure sensors on every boom
  13. Synchronized data among all display screens in cab
  14. USB synchronized production data

(2)Advantages of FGS system

  1. Rapid positioning and simplified process of booms
  2. Easy operation interface
  3. Automatic return of jack drill and level bottom end of blast holes
  4. Management of hole arrangement diagram
  5. Production management (Blast hole drilling effect)
  6. Really firm components






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