Girder Lift TT900 tyred carrier beam crane



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TT900 tyred carrier beam crane is applicable for the lifting of 20m, 24m and 32m double-line full-hole box girder concrete rail girder (including curvatured beam) in 350km/h and 250km/h dedicated railway passenger lines  from the prefabrication yard, short-distance transport in the yard (horizontal and longitudinal), capable of lifting the concrete box girder into the beam conveying vehicle in the loading zone of the prefabrication yard, and capable of taking, moving and lowering the beam from any seat, without any auxiliary machinery or excessive manual work.

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Operation    performance parameters Unit TT900
Rated    lifting weight t 900
Span m 35 (net span)
Lifting height m 12.5
Lifting speed m/min 1
Walking speed m/min 17.5
Installed power KW 546
Outline dimensions m 45.5×30.52×17.4

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