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XCMG Official HDD Machine Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig XZ120E

XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills are mainly used in the trenchless piping construction and replacement of the underground pipe.

The XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills have the advantages of advanced performance, high efficiency and comfortable operation. They are the ideal machines for the construction of the water piping, gas piping, electricity, telecommunication, heating system, crude oil industry.

Performance and characteristic: 

  1. Hydraulic pilot control, with comfortable operability and flexible adjustment ability, the first-class brand hydraulic components ensure the reliability of the whole hydraulic system;
  2. High and low-speed push-pull rotation system, plunger variable motor to push and pull high and low speed of power head, increase the adaptability of drilling rig working conditions, and improve the construction efficiency of drilling rig;
  3. The machine can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading drill pipe device, automatic anchoring system, mud anti-freezing device and mud cleaning device.


Model.-Cummins 4BT3.9-C100.
Rated power(kW/r/min)74/2200。
Max thrust-pull force(kN)130。
thrust-pull speed(m/min)37。
Max spindle speed(r/min)220。
Mud pump
Max Flow rate(L/min)100。
Max pressure(MPa)4。
Drill pipe.(mm×m)52 x 1.8.
Loader Crane
Lifting weight(t)
Loading capacity(t•m)
Max inclination angle(°)18
Max backreamer diameter(mm)400.
Dimension(mm)4500 x 1680 x 2170.
Remark-Overseas special offer.


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