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XCMG Official HDD Machine Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig XZ3600

1)Numerical meter display the working torque ,push or pull force and so on parametric in working conditions. Electronic sensor has rapid reaction and can show overload immediately .It also endures accuracy and delay of the traditional hydraulic meter’s indication. It solve the matter to depend the operator to calculate the torque and force by the equipment’s switch directive.

2) Drill frame side by the cylinder. Combine with link weldment. It is easy safe and simple to adjust the entry angle of the equipment.

3)Dual-engines are used. The HDD has all the motion on the condition of any engine starting.Multi-condition technology of adjusting the travel speed combining with the multi-speed control of rotation and push or pull make HDD be suitable to the complex geology. You can use one engine in the condition of small pipe diameter in order to reduce the project cost.

4)Hydraulic pilot control,load sensing control help to save energy and operate flexibly. The main part of hydraulic and electric and transmission are made of word frist-class brand products, good performance,good reliability.


Model.-Cummins QSL8.9-C360.
Rated power(kW/r/min)2 x 264/2100.
Max thrust-pull force(kN)6600。
thrust-pull speed(m/min)30。
Max spindle speed(r/min)76。
Mud pump
Max Flow rate(L/min)External.
Max pressure(MPa)20
Drill pipe.(mm×m)140/168 x 9.6.
Loader Crane
Lifting weight(t)3.2。
Loading capacity(t•m)6.4。
Max inclination angle(°)16
Max backreamer diameter(mm)1600.
Dimension(mm)17500 x 3200 x 3550.
Remark-Optional: Split operating room.


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