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XCMG Official HDD horizontal directional drill machine XZ420E.

1.Hydraulic pilot control, provide comfortable operating performance and flexible regulation, first-class brand of hydraulic components to ensure the reliability of the machine hydraulic system.

2.Rack and pinion sliding, to ensure the stability of the carriage and the reliability of drive operational. Carriage floating, XCMG proprietary patented Carriage floating, floating vice technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread, the service life of the drill pipe 30% increase.

3.High-speed sliding systems, piston motor to achieve high and low sliding speed of carriage, increasing the ability to adapt the machine working conditions, promote construction efficiency.

4.The whole machine adopts protection technology such as proportional wire-controlled walking, seat switch, logic interlock, electrical shock protection and , short time Plus20% force, meet the CE safety certification requirements.

5.Sliding, rotating system multiple output, modular common rail fuel system and electronic control module, system energy saving, high efficiency of construction, efficiency increased by 15%.

6.Support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can be increased with cab, air conditioner, cold start, mud antifreeze, automatic loading rod, electrical shock protection automatic thread oil daub etc, reduce the working strength, improve the construction efficiency.


Model.-Cummins QSC8.3-C240.
Rated power(kW/r/min)179/2200。
Max thrust-pull force(kN)420/500。
thrust-pull speed(m/min)42。
Max spindle speed(r/min)145。
Mud pump
Max Flow rate(L/min)450
Max pressure(MPa)8
Drill pipe.(mm×m)83 x 3.
Loader Crane
Lifting weight(t)
Loading capacity(t•m)
Max inclination angle(°)20
Max backreamer diameter(mm)900.
Dimension(mm)6500 x 2250 x 2450.
Remark-Optional: 1. Cab; 2. Warm and cold air conditioning; 3. Fully automatic grip (drill pipe box); 4. Semi-automatic grip; 5. Double anchoring; 6. Mud antifreeze; 7. Cleaning water gun; 8. Automatic smearing of silk buckle oil.


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