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XCMG Maximum 960KN Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig XZ450 Plus.

XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills are mainly used in the trenchless piping construction and replacement of the underground pipe. The XZ Series Horizontal Directional Drills have the advantages of advanced performance, high efficiency and comfortable operation. Many key components adopt international famous products to guarantee the quality. They are the ideal machines for the construction of the water piping, gas piping, electricity, telecommunication, heating system, crude oil industry.

Performance Characteristics:

* Pluralities of advanced control technologies are adopted, including the PLC control, electro-hydraulic proportion control, load sensitive control, etc.

* The pipe automatic disassembly and assembly device can improve the working efficiency, relieves the labor intensity and manual error operation of the operators, and reduces the construction personnel and the construction cost.

* Automatic anchor: The down and the up of the anchor is driven by hydraulics. The anchor is great in force and is easy and convenient to operate.

* The dual-speed spindle drive is operated with low speed when drilling and dragging back to ensure smooth construction, and can speed up to slide with 2 times of speed to reduce the auxiliary time and improve the working efficiency when returning and disassembling the drilling rod with empty loads.

* The engine has the turbine torque increment characteristic, which can instantly increase the power to ensure the drilling power when coming across the complex geology.


Type-Cummins 6CTA8.3-C260
Rated power(kW/r/min)194/2200
Max thrust-pull force(kN)960
thrust-pull speed(m/min)25
Max spindle speed(r/min)135
Mud pump
Max Flow rate(L/min)450
Max pressure(MPa)8
Loader Crane
Lifting weight(t)2
Loading capacity(t•m)4
Max inclination angle(°)20
Max backreamer diameter(mm)φ1000
Remark-Optional:Ⅰ.Cab;Ⅱ.Air-condition;Ⅲ.Full-automatic pipeloader;Ⅳ.Semi-automatic pipeloader;Ⅴ.Mud antifreeze;Ⅵ.Mud Cleaning;Ⅶ.600L Mud Pump.


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