Pipe Thrusting MachinePipe Thrusting Machine XDN500H-L mud water balance top tube machine



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1. Higher reliability:

Hydraulic overload protection system works more safely and reliably;

Hydraulic motors and reducers apply a one-in-one mechanical seal, waterproof, moisture-proof performance is good.

2. More efficient construction:

Hydraulic motor output torque, high speed, construction speed;

The air travel speed is fast and the construction waiting time is short.

3. More security:

Domestic unique 24V low-voltage operator’s station, safe operation;

Patented shell follow-on seal design, sealing strip service life is long, good results, spindle application multi-sealing, reliable seal, can withstand high water pressure, equipment safety.

4. Better operation:

Knife speed and top-in speed can be adjusted steplessly, making it easier to achieve the matching operation of knife-disc speed, top-in speed and different formations.

5. Smaller work wells:

The size of the starting well is 3300mm, and the size of the receiving well is 2600mm.

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