Rock Core Drill XDY600P


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1.Portable: modularization,easy to assemble and disassemble, single module`s weight is under 180kg.

2.Efficient: max drilling depth is more than 150m per diem, average drilling depth is 70m per diem.

3.Economy:manual handing, needn`t mend a road.

4.Environmental: only need 4×4m little platform, do little damage to construction environment.

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Drilling Capacity
HQ(mm) φ90
Drilling diameter NTW(mm) φ75
BTW(mm) φ60
HQ(mm) φ64
Coring diameterNTW(mm) φ57
BTW(mm) φ42
HQ(m) 150
Drilling depthNTW(m)300
BTW(m) 600
type * KUBOTA D1105T
Rated power kW 23.5kW×3
Rated RPM r/min 3000
Power head
Max torque kN.m 2660
Max rotation r/min 1400
Propel system
Max pull kN 50
Max push kN 30
Mast length m 2.5
Dump length m 1.78
Drilling angle 45-90
Steel wire hoist
Max pull kN 7
Max pulling speed m/min 150
Rope diameter mm φ5
Rope capacity m 600
Clamp holder
Axial thrustkN 60
Clamp Capacity* BTW、NTW、HQ、HW

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