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XCMG XR Series Rotary Drilling Rig stands for our company’s achievement in many years’ development and researches on piling machine, adopting the advanced technology, both at home and abroad. With our company’s powerful machinery manufacturing capacity, it is specially designed to drill the pile hole with the big diameter and into hard—layers, fitting for layer conditions in most areas.

XR series is ideal equipment widely applied in piling constructions, featuring reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, high reliability, powerful performance and wide application.

XCMG Official Rotary Drilling Rig XR150DIII

XR150DⅢ rotary drilling rig is widely applied in pore-forming work of the cast-in-place concrete pile in construction of foundation works, such as highways, railways, bridges, ports and high-rise buildings. Drilling with friction type and machine-locked drill rods.

XR150DⅢ is equipped with the dedicated chassis of extraordinary stability. The chassis adopts a heavy-duty hydraulic retractable crawler to provide transport convenience and excellent traveling performance.

2.Engine system
It adopts the guangxi electric control turbo-supercharged engine to provide strong power and conformity with Euro III emission standard.

3.Hydraulic system
With the hydraulic pressure system adopted threshold power control and negative flow control, the system acquired high efficiency and higher energy conservation.

4.Rotary drive
The power unit is controlled by a pressurizing or pulling hydraulic cylinder, installed with drilling hydraulic motor, spring shock absorber at the upper part and the drive head (opening the drill head) at the lower part, in addition, it’s also equipped with the driver set suitable for friction-type and internal locking type drill rods, as well as a drill rod guide frame with bearings.

Rotary Drive Rated PowerkW133
Max. output torquekN·m150
Rotary speedr/min6~28
Max. Drilling Diametermm13,001,500
Max. Drilling Depthm48,55
Pull-Down Cylinder Max.pull-down piston pushkN120
Max.pull-down piston pullkN160
Max.pull-down piston strokem3.5
Main Winch Max.Pulling forcekN145
Max.line speedm/min75
Auxiliary Winch Max.Pulling forcekN50
Max.line speedm/min60
Mast RakeSide/forwards/backwards±3°/5°/15°
Undercarrige Max. traveling speedkm/h3.2
Max.grade ability%40
Min. Clearance
Track shoe widthmm800
Distance between tracksmm3200~4200
Hydraulic System Working pressureMpa32
Overall Drilling Weightt47
DimensionWorking conditionmm7122X4200X17250
Our Services Transportation conditionmm12300X3200X3060


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