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XCMG Official Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig Machine XR160E.

  • One machine multi-energy, can achieve cylinder pressure, rolling pressure, long spiral, double power head and other functions to quickly switch, To meet the needs of more different projects;
  • The configuration of Cummins electric turbo engine, strong power, convenient and fast service;
  • The maximum output torque of the powerhead can reach 160kN.m, speed up to 35r/min, higher operating efficiency;
  • Powerhead optional with high-speed soil-throwing function;
  • The main and sub-rolled are using single-row rope technology, wire rope life than multi-layer rope 2 to 4 times longer, lower cost of use;
  • The use of the two-boom large parallelly deformed mechanism, large support angle, support range increased by 24%, more stable operation;
  • A hydraulic main system using negative flow control technology, fast response, good handling performance;
  • High-power dual hydraulic oil cooler, to meet the high-temperature area construction;
  • Intelligent control system to achieve the verticality of the drill mast automatic adjustment and display, automatic swing, automatic soil and other functions;
  • The use of TDP series rotary drilling rig dedicated hydraulic track chassis, large-diameter swing support, better work stability.
  • Project.Unit.Parameters.
    The working parameters.
    Maximum drilling diameter.Mm.1500 / 1300
    Maximum drilling depth.M.56。
    Engine parameters.
    Rated power.kW.150。
    Power head parameters.
    Maximum output torque.kN.m.160。
    Pressurized cylinder parameters.
    Maximum pressure.Kn.160。
    Maximum lift force.Kn.160。
    Maximum travel.M.4.2。
    Pressurized roll-up parameters.
    Maximum pressure.Kn.160*
    Maximum lift force.Kn.180*
    Maximum travel.M.13*
    The main roll-up parameter.
    Maximum lift force.Kn.160。
    Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.80。
    Sub-roll-up parameters.
    Maximum lift force.Kn.60。
    Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.80。
    Drill mast tilt side/forward/back tilt.°4/5/15.
    Chassis parameters.
    Maximum walking speed.km/h.2.5
    Maximum climb.%40
    Track plate width.Mm.700
    The maximum total width of the track.Mm.2960-4200
    System parameters.
    Work pressure.MPa.35
    The quality of the whole machine.T.53
    The working state.Mm.7862 x 4200 x 19028.
    The shipping status.Mm.14053 x 2960 x 3295.

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  1. Rio

    Mesin Bor pile XR160 sangat handal dalam segala medan terutam menghadapi batuan keras

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