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XCMG Official 92ton Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig XR360.

XR Series Rotary Drilling Rig stands for our company’s achievement in many years’ development and researches on piling machines, adopting advanced technology, both at home and abroad. With our company’s powerful machinery manufacturing capacity, it is specially designed to drill the pile hole with the big diameter and into hard—layers, fitting for layer conditions in most areas.

Performance Characteristics:

* The special hydraulic chassis for the rotating drill with extensible crawler is provided with the excellent stability and is convenient to transport. The imported Cummins turbo-supercharged engine (meeting EUIII standard) is powerful, and has sufficient power reserve, which can be operated in plateau. Its noise and emission meet the national standards. The constant power and the best output enable the complete machine to function at its best.

* The main and auxiliary hydraulic systems are all adopt the technique of load sensor, which can increase the efficiency of hydraulic system and save energy. It uses heavy load hydraulic units to satisfy the all kinds operating status of drill.

* The patented parallelogram hinge mechanism enlarges the work area.

* Independent intellectual property rights of the intelligent control system, the application of CAN bus and the PLC control system, including the automatic and manual adjustment of the perpendicularity of the drill mast, the automatic display of the drilling depth, rotary automatic positioning control and the intellectual fault diagnosis control.

* Three speed reducers are used in the power head. It can output high torque. The drill mast, which is made of the materials with high strength, is designed to box structure. The higher rigidity and anti-distortion can ensure the drilling accuracy effectively. The hinge provided with the bearing exempt from lubrication can turn neatly. The slag can be discharged at any point of 360° rotation.

The working parameters.
Maximum drilling diameter.Mm.2600 / 2300
Maximum drilling depth.M.103。
Engine parameters.
Rated power.kW.345
Power head parameters.
Maximum output torque.kN.m.360
Pressurized cylinder parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.300
Maximum lift force.Kn.350
Maximum travel.M.6
Pressurized roll-up parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.300*
Maximum lift force.Kn.350*
Maximum travel.M.10/16*
The main roll-up parameter.
Maximum lift force.Kn.370
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.60
Sub-roll-up parameters.
Maximum lift force.Kn.100
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.41
Drill mast tilt side/forward/back tilt.°4 degrees / 5 degrees / 15 degrees.
Chassis parameters.
Maximum walking speed.km/h.1.3。
Maximum climb.%35
Track plate width.Mm.800
The maximum total width of the track.Mm.3500-4900
System parameters.
Work pressure.MPa.33
The quality of the whole machine.T.115
The working state.Mm.10870 x 4900 x 25820.
The shipping status.Mm.20650 x 3500 x 3845.


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