XCMG Official Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig XR360E.

1, a multi-energy machine, can achieve cylinder pressurized, roll-up pressurized, tube machine, long spiral, double power head and other functions to quickly switch, to meet more different engineering construction needs;

2, the use of rotary drilling rig dedicated H-type hydraulic telescopic track chassis, equipped with large diameter swing support, to ensure super stability and transport convenience;

3, optimize the design of the two-boom amplitude mechanism, optimize the hinge position, taking into account the construction stability and transit transport convenience;

4, the main and sub-rolled are using single-row rope technology, wire rope life than multi-layer rope length of 2 to 4 times, lower cost of use;

5, the configuration of Volvo electric turbo engine, more power, strong power, lower fuel consumption;

6, hydraulic system using load sensing technology, superimposed total power control and limit power control technology, so that the hydraulic system is more efficient, more energy-saving, the use of independent radiator system, high thermal efficiency;

7, multi-gear power head, single-row rope main roll up performance increased by 20%, higher operating efficiency;

8, intelligent control system to achieve the verticality of the drill mast automatic adjustment and display, automatic swing, automatic soil dump, long spiral method automatically lift perfusion and pile display functions, the use of bus panel design, effectively prevent misoperation.

The working parameters.
Maximum drilling diameter.Mm.2600 / 2300
Maximum drilling depth.M.103。
Engine parameters.
Rated power.kW.345
Power head parameters.
Maximum output torque.kN.m.360
Pressurized cylinder parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.300
Maximum lift force.Kn.350
Maximum travel.M.6
Pressurized roll-up parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.300*
Maximum lift force.Kn.350*
Maximum travel.M.10/16*
The main roll-up parameter.
Maximum lift force.Kn.370
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.60
Sub-roll-up parameters.
Maximum lift force.Kn.100
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.41
Drill mast tilt side/forward/back tilt.°4 degrees / 5 degrees / 15 degrees.
Chassis parameters.
Maximum walking speed.km/h.1.3。
Maximum climb.%35
Track plate width.Mm.800
The maximum total width of the track.Mm.3500-4900
System parameters.
Work pressure.MPa.33
The quality of the whole machine.T.115
The working state.Mm.10870 x 4900 x 25820.
The shipping status.Mm.20650 x 3500 x 3845.


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