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XCMG Official 114ton Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig XRS1050

XR Series Rotary Drilling Rig stands for our company’s achievement in many years’ development and researches on piling machines, adopting advanced technology, both at home and abroad. With our company’s powerful machinery manufacturing capacity, it is specially designed to drill the pile hole with the big diameter and into hard—layers, fitting for layer conditions in most areas.

Performance Characteristics:

* Super stability and convenience of transportation, for use the special hydraulic and telescopic crawling chassis of the rotary drilling rig.

* The import Cummins engine provides strong power, and the noise and emission meet Europe III standard.

* The design of big trigonal luffing me

chanism brings a significant improvement in stability.

* The quality of work is enhanced by increase the mast section to reduce mechanical wobble of the mast.

* Ensure verticality of the hole by adding a bracket for drill pipe.

* High-performance and more energy-efficient, due to the technology of the load-sensing hydraulic system.

* It can be equipped with a variety of drilling tools to realize drought and wet working.

Max.Drilling Diameter
Max.Drilling Depth(m)105
Working condition L × W × H(mm)10265×4800×27520
Transportation condition L × W × H(mm)17615×3500×3535
Overall Drilling Weight(t)108
Model-CUMMINS QSM11-C400
Rated Power(kW)298/2100
Hydraulic System
Working pressure(MPa)35
Rotary Drive
Max. output torque(kN.m)460
Rotary speed(r/min)4.5~18
Spin off speed(r/min)-
Pull-Down Cylinder
Max.pull-down piston push(kN)300
Max.pull-down piston pull(kN)7~18
Max.pull-down piston stroke(mm)-
Crowd Winch
Max.pull-down piston push(kN)240
Max.pull-down piston pull(kN)250
Max. pull-down piston stroke(mm)6000
Main Winch
Max.pulling force(kN)400
Max. single-rope speed(m/min)60
Diameter of the steel wire rope(mm)40
Auxiliary Winch
Max. Pulling force(kN)100
Max. single-rope speed(m/min)65
Diameter of the steel wire rope(mm)20
Drilling mast
Left/right inclination of mast(°)42464
Front inclination of mast(°)5
Rotary table slewing angle(°)360
Max. traveling speed(km/h)1.2
Max.grade ability(%)35
Track shoe width(mm)800
Distance between tracks(mm)3500~4800
The length of crawler(mm)5484
Average ground pressure(kPa)120.7


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