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XCMG Official Tunnel Roadheader XTR4/230

XTR4/230 Tunnel Roadheader

XTR4/230 Boom-type Tunnel Roadheader equipped with cutting structure, brace structure, operation platform, machine assembly, travelling, hydraulic system, anti-dusting spray system, electronic system, lubrication system, cooling system, shovel plate assembly, first transport, second transport and other components. The modular and narrow-body design of the whole machine can meet the construction requirements of narrow roadway, The main hydraulic components using the international first-line brand products, high overall configuration, cuttingmotor、pumping station motor、control system with explosion-proof function, Safe and reliable.


Total weight(kg)58000
Overall dimension
Total length without additional conveyor)(mm)13470
Total width Ramp plate(mm)2200
Total width Aggregat(mm)
Total width Main frame(mm)2100
Total height The highest point of cutting head for laying(mm)2200
Total height Main frame(mm)1965
Undercut max telescoping/non-telescoping(mm)200
Ground clearance of machine(mm)290
Height Cutting cross section(mm)4600
Width Cutting cross section(mm)5100
Gantry height(mm)350
Max./Economic compressure strength for cutting coal(MPa)≤90/60
Travel speed(m/min)6.5
Installed power of cutting motor(kW)230/135
Installed power of pump motor(kW)110
Supply voltage(V)AC1140
Line frequency(Hz)50
Loading capacity(m³/min)Star wheel type/3.0
Pressure of water spraying(MPa)External spraying:2


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