Tunnel Roadheader XTR6/260




XCMG Official Tunnel Roadheader XTR6/260

XTR6/260 Tunnel Roadheader

XTR6/260 Boom-Type Tunnel Roadheader is equipped with cutting structure and a supporting structure, a control table, body assembly, walking institutions, hydraulic system, spray dust removal system, electrical system, lubricating system, a guard board assembly, identification and coating, cooling system, a shovel plate assembly, first transportsecond transport. The machine has high safety and reliability. High-efficiency cutting head with double helix line is used in tunnel, which is used to break the rock, and the cutting tooth is less. Optionally equipped with airborne dust removal device, dust removal effect is good, and it can effectively reduce the dust pollution. Use air cooling, the cooling effect is good, in the absence of external water source, the host can work properly. With the remote control, remote control of equipment can be realized, and the personal safety and machine equipment can be effectively protected, improve the safety and working efficiency.


Total weight(kg)90000
Overall dimension
Total length without additional conveyor)(mm)14000
Total width Ramp plate(mm)3600
Total width Aggregat(mm)
Total width Main frame(mm)2600
Total height The highest point of cutting head for laying(mm)4290
Total height Main frame(mm)2610
Undercut max telescoping/non-telescoping(mm)200
Ground clearance of machine(mm)270
Height Cutting cross section(mm)6200
Width Cutting cross section(mm)6000
Gantry height(mm)300
Max./Economic compressure strength for cutting coal(MPa)≤110/70
Travel speed(m/min)6
Installed power of cutting motor(kW)260/200
Installed power of pump motor(kW)132
Supply voltage(V)AC1140
Line frequency(Hz)50
Loading capacity(m³/min)Star wheel type/4.75
Pressure of water spraying(MPa)External spraying:2





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