Tunneling Jumbo Drill CYTJ45


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XCMG Tunneling Jumbo Drill CYTJ45

XCMG Tunneling Jumbo Drill CYTJ45

It’s mainly applicable for the tunneling operations of metal mines and diversified underground roadways and tunnels (Such as electricity and water utilities).
Maximum operation area coverage: 35m2.


* Drill jambo
The hydraulic drill jambo adopts special structural process on the basis of the domestic tunneling process to realize super-strong anti-bending capability, high drilling speed, and low drilling tool consumption and effectively improve the working performance of tunnel side hole drilling.

* Propeller
The lightweight high-strength alloy girder features high anti-bending, anti-distortion, and anti-fatigue performances and longer life.

* Drill boom
The all-directional paralleling-maintained drill booms of proprietary technology features accurate positioning. The drill booms adopt equal-strength structure design to realize reasonable structure, high strength, and long life.

* Drilling system

The three-stage anti-seizure, anti-empty-drilling, and automatic return functions of drilling tool are provided to effectively improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the consumption of drilling tool.

* Hydraulic system
The electronic control design is applied for the auxiliary motions, including outriggers and roof lamp to simplify the pipelines and ease the maintenances.


Maximum operation cover aream332
Maximum operation heightmm6080
Maximum operation widthmm6110
Drill boom extended lengthmm1250
Drill boom lifting angle°65/-30
Tit angle for propeller°±45
Propeller tit angle°360
Propeller compensation lengthmm1250
Maximum propulsive forcekN12
Drill hole depthmm3405
Impact power of gadderkW13
Impact frequency of gadderHz62
Swing torque of gadderN.m325
Diameter for dill holemmφ32-φ38
Water flushing pressurebar8-10
Gas lubrication pressurebar3
Total installed powerkW65
External power supplyV/Hz380/50
Maximum traveling speedkm/h13
Maximum gradability°
Engine powerkW56
Transport dimensionmm12000*2100*2300
Curb weightkg12900


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