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XCMG Hydraulic Static Pile Driver XJY1080

As the most important equipment in the construction of “precast pile” of piling machinery, XJY1080 multi-functional hydraulic static pile driver has the clear acteristics of low noise, low vibration, no air pollution, high pile forming quality and good environmental protection.

It’s the preferred construction technology in soft soil geology and can be applied to urban transportation, commercial and civil buildings.

  • The flow regeneration technology can double the return speed of pile pressing oil cylinder and has high construction efficiency.
  • The machine adopts 6 pile driving cylinders, which are optimized through multi-stage pile driving mode to improve pile pressing efficiency.
  • The opposite jacking pile clamping box or wedge pile clamping box can be configured to meet the needs of different working conditions.
  • Various clamping mechanisms such as square pile and pipe pile can be selected to meet different construction requirements.
  • The cab has a large visual angle, convenient for the manipulator to observe the pile pressing situation, and is equipped with air conditioning.
  • The cab structure is strengthened to prevent falling object and ensure the construction safety.


Main PerfomanceUnitParameter
Maximum installable round pile clamping jawsmm1000
Maximum installable square pile clamping jawsmm600
Maximum pile driving forcekN10800
Minimum pile driving speedm/min0.3
Maximum pile driving speedm/min10
Pile driving travelm1.8
Walking ability longitudinal travelm3.6
Walking ability lateral travelm0.7
Walking ability steering angleo5
Lifting/lowering travelm1.1
Standard hoist/QY25/QY35
Maximum hoist length for center pilesm16
Ground pressure long shipkPa148
Ground pressure short shipkPa215
Optional pile clamping box8038/10016
Overall powerkW210
Overall Dimension Working Lengthmm16355
Overall Dimension Working widthmm9200
Overall Dimension transportation heightmm3380


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