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XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR180E Bored Pile

XR180E rotary drilling rig is the company’s new generation of E series medium tonnage products. It applies a number of mature technologies to increase power and system flow, and achieve improved operating efficiency; optimize large-scale structural parts, such as the use of I-beam structure rotary platform, large double boom Parallelogram luffing mechanism, vertical pin power head bracket, etc., to achieve operational stability and reliability improvement.

The drilling rig is widely used in the drilling of concrete piles in the construction of highways, railways, bridges, large venues and other projects, and is especially suitable for industrial and civil construction projects. Machine lock type or friction type drill rods are used to work with bailers, barrel drills or short spirals and other rotary buckets

XR180E Drilling Rig Advantages:

1、Equipped with Isuzu electronically controlled turbocharged engine, which has lower fuel consumption and convenient service;

2、The working performance of the power head is increased by 11%, the main winch is increased by 18%, the traveling drive is increased by 20%, the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 1.4 times, and the work efficiency is higher;

3、The main and auxiliary winches adopt single-row rope technology, and the service life of steel wire rope is 2-4 times longer than that of multi-layer rope, and the use cost is lower;

4、The double-boom large parallelogram luffing mechanism is adopted, the supporting angle is large, the supporting range increases by 16%, and the operation is more stable;

5、The main hydraulic system adopts negative flow control technology, which has fast response and good control performance;

6、The intelligent control system realizes the functions of automatic adjustment and display of the verticality of the drill mast, automatic soil dumping, strong soil dumping, automatic forward rotation and other functions. The bus panel design is used to prevent misoperation.

Max. drilling diametermmØ 1800
Max. drilling depthm60
Allowable luffing scope (from center of drill rod to slewing center)mm 3650-4200
Working Weightm68
Track Widthmm700
Track lengthmm5145
Walking speedKm/h 0-1.9
Drill Mast
Tilt Angle° ±4
Lean forward° 5
Power Head
TorquekN·m 200
Rotating speed r/min 7-36
Cylinder pressurization
Lifting powerkN210
Main Winch
Lifting power kN 190
Speed m/min 0-75
Rope diametermmΦ28
Auxiliary Winch
Lifting power kN 80
Speed m/min0-70
Rope diametermm Φ20
Model /Isuzu
Power kw 212 @ 2000
Total fuel tank
L 480
Hydraulic system
Flow L2×280+90
Working pressureMPa 34
Total fuel tank


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