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XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR60E Bored Pile

XR60E rotary drilling rig is modified on XE75DA platform of XCMG excavator.As the country promotes the development strategy of “New Urbanization Construction”, small rotary drilling rigs have been well received by customers for their high construction efficiency and reliable performance in the construction of overhead and residential areas.

The small rotary drilling rig has the advantages of low purchase cost, low use cost, and low transportation cost. The smaller volume and faster action of the small drilling rig meet the needs of the construction of concrete cast-in-place piles in the construction of industrial and civil construction . Applicable to: Drilling with friction and machine-locked drill pipes.

XR60E Drilling Rig Advantages:

1、 The power head is powerful, the construction efficiency is high, and the maximum speed is 50 revolutions per minute, which completely solves the problem of difficult soil unloading in the construction of small-diameter pile holes.

2、 The main and auxiliary winches are on the mast, which is convenient for observing the direction of the wire rope and improves the stability of the mast and construction safety.

3、 The engine adopts the Kubota V2607-DI-T-ET09e of XCMG XE75DA excavator platform, which meets the national emission requirements of National III, and has the characteristics of economy, efficiency, environmental protection and stability.

4、 The hydraulic system adopts the XE75DA hydraulic system of XCMG excavator, and the whole machine is transported without dismantling the drill pipe.

5、 All key components of the electronic control system (such as displays, controllers, and tilt sensors) use high-end imported components from well-known international brands, and use aviation connectors to create domestic engineering special products.

Engine Emission StandardsNational Ⅲ
Fuel tank volume130L
Hydraulic control System pressureMPa 28
Rated flow of main pumpmin 160l
Hydraulic oil tank volumeL76
Main winch
Maximum operating forcekN50
Wire rope diametermm φ16
Wire rope modelφ16-6*36WS-IWRC1870B SZ
Allowable error of wire rope diameter +2%~+4%
Wire rope lengthm 32(Standard configuration, meeting 15m drilling depth)
Auxiliary winch
Maximum lifting force of single ropekN10
Wire rope diametermm8
Drill mast
Mast Left / Right3°/ 3°
Mast forward/backward 5°/15°
Power Head
Drilling speedr/min0~50
Rotation speedr/min50
Maximum drilling torquekN.m55
Pressurized winch strokemm1300
Pull forcekN50
Drill pipe
Drill pipe diametermmφ273
Maximum drilling diametermm φ1000
Square head sizemm150 x 150
Maximum drilling depth Standard:15m(4 Machine lock 273-4X5)


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