Trench CutterXTC 80/55


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XCMG Official XTC series Trench Cutter XTC 80/55

  • Front/rear single rope and dual winches, which substantially improves the rope’s,longest 80m.
  • The specific extra-wide chassis manufactured with XCMG’s mature technologies ,having large swiveling bearing,provides super stability. Max. Distance between tracks: 4900mm.
  • The slewing mechanism is adopted with imported elements, super large slewing support improve the reliability of the grab. The platform is designed through 3D software-aided force analysis, stress analysis and rational layout.
  • The control system of Double winch equipped with an encoder ensures the accurate synchronization of double winches reduces the frequency of synchronized adjustment and increases the construction efficiency.
  • Adopting import double-speed gear box, main winch can accurately control trench cutter’s quick up-down motion and low speed feed. Electro-hydraulically proportional follow-up control system can ensure the synchronism of slurry hose drum, hydraulic hose drum and main winch.
  • Air lift reverse circulation slagging mode, which can reduce the consumption of fuel & construction costs effectively.
  • Self-developed milling wheel-drive structure, easy to get the spare parts, low cost and short time of maintenance.
  • With the convenient function‘one machine, two configurations’, which can achieve universal with XG600D.


Working parameter
Wall thickness(mm)800~1200
Wall depth(m)55
Main data
Max. hoisting force(kN)600
Max. hoisting speed(m/min)40
Max. torqe(kN.m)2×80
Rotary speed(r/min)0~25
Slag discharge wayAir
Mud pump ability(m³/h)-
Power Parameter
Engine modelCUMMINS QSM11
Engine rated power(kW/r/min)298/2100
Max. travelling speed(km/h)1.2
Max. grade ability(%)30
Max. clearance(mm)450
Track shoe width(mm)800
Distance between tracks(mm)3500~4900
Working condition
Total lengh(mm)11650
Total width(mm)4900
Total height(mm)18914
Working radius(mm)4800~5800
Transportation condition
Total lengh(mm)16120
Total width(mm)3500
Total height(mm)3800
System parameter
Max.system pressure(MPa)32
Max. system flow(L/min)760
Weight parameter
Bare weight(t)95
Frame weight


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