XUD135 Hydraulic Tunnel Drilling Rig for Mine

XUD135 hydraulic tunnel drilling rig is a kind of equipment used in mine roadway excavation in non explosive environment and excavation and construction of various underground roadways and culverts such as water and electricity. It can also be used in drilling blasting holes and bolt holes in narrow veins, tailings mining and small roadways. The equipment adopts hydraulic rock drilling system with advanced system, fast rock drilling speed and high work efficiency; The whole machine has compact structure, flexible and convenient operation in a narrow underground space, and the maximum operation coverage area can reach 35 m2•

Main Technical Highlights

► Light aluminum alloy beam. High bending, torsion and fatigue resistance and long service life. The unique single-layer arrangement of hose reel, combined with reliable pipe clamp structure, has good hose tension performance, effectively improves hose service life and makes the maintenance easy;
► International first-line brand rock drill. Having the characteristics of super bending resistance, high drilling speed and low drilling tool loss, which can effectively improve the adaptability of tunnel side hole drilling;
► Quick and accurate location. The drill arm can keep parallel in all directions; Square structure, high strength and good shock absorption performance;
► High drilling efficiency. It has the functions of anti sticking, anti idle drilling and automatic fallback, which can effectively improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the loss of drilling tools;
► Simplified pipeline and easy maintenance. The auxiliary action of outrigger and roof lamp adopts electric control design;
► International well-known brands. Schneider, Siemens and other international well-known brands of electrical components are selected, with high reliability and long service life; It is equipped with protection and alarm functions such as grounding fault protection, phase sequence protection, motor overload protection and engine fault alarm;
► Liftable roof. Meeting the driving and operation requirements of tunnels of different sizes;
► Full coverage hood. Providing safe and reliable protection for power, transmission, hydraulic, electrical and other systems.


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