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XCMG Official HDD Machine Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig XZ13600

With the world’s largest tonnage, XZ13600 horizontal directional drill is mainly used in the construction of underground pipelines with super-large caliber and ultra-long distance in complicated formations. The mainframe adopts the world’s first modular combination technology, the world’s leading intelligent control and power combination technology, and industry-leading complex condition adaptation technology to ensure the reliability, energy saving ability and safety of oversized drills. The construction capacity, intelligence level and performance indicators of the machine have reached the international leading level.


1,Numerical meter display the working torque, push or pull force and so on parametric in working conditions,the interface is concise and informative,Overcoming the disadvantages of traditional HDD using pressure gauge , simple operation.

2,The dynamic combination technology about multi-engine and multi-pump,enabling high efficiency of power output at different stages of construction,Improving system matching rationality,Multi gear stepless speed regulation technology,Strong adaptability of working condition;

3,Equipped with closed energy-saving circuit, load sensing control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and other advanced technology, Using the international?famous brand components,?reliable quality.

4,Single side with double cylinder synchronous flexible clamping technology, Reliable clamping of drill pipe and high torque of shackle; The vise is floating in the whole course, which is convenient for the construction process of casing pipe.

5,Adopting the electro-hydraulic proportional, fine tuning, fine feed and other advanced energy saving control technologies. The main part of hydraulic and electric and transmission are made of world first-class brand products, good performance, good reliability.

6,Modular combination and disassembly and transportation technology, chassis, drill frame, carriage can be disassembled. Power station, operating room meet container transport specifications, transport convenient, low cost.


Model.-Cummins QSZ13-C550.
Rated power.kW/r/min.4 x 410/1900.
Push and pull.
Maximum thrust pull.Kn.13600。
Maximum push-pull speed.m/min.32。
Maximum speed.r/min.100。
Mud pump.
Maximum traffic.L/min.External.
Maximum pressure.MPa.20。
Drill x m.219/254 x 9.6.
Crane with vehicle.
Lifting weight.T.10。
Lifting torque.t-m.25。
Maximum entry angle.°16。
Maximum amplification diameter.Mm.2500.
Form factor.Mm.20000 x 3400 x 4700.
Note.-Optional: Split operating room.


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