Privacy Policy is an interactive website that provides information and offers products and services to XCMG. We collect information about your computer, your use of, and may collect or receive personal information that users provide when you interact with us to optimize your user experience or handle your requests. Examples of how your information may be used include (but are not limited to) sending marketing communications or promotional materials, improving the website, products and services we provide, and detecting, preventing and responding to website abuse (i.e. fraud, lawlessness, etc.).

Personal information is any information about a particular individual or that identifies or can identify a particular individual. Some of the additional information we collect may include contacts and relationships or job titles.

Contact information allows us to interact and communicate with you.

Relationship or job title information helps us understand who you are and what you are looking for to properly fulfill your request.

We may share personal information with our affiliated companies, suppliers, dealers and business partners who may use it for the purposes listed above.

Users are notified that the information provided may be cross-referenced with other information that you have previously provided to us. For example, if you provide contact information, we may be able to provide additional information about the products you have and the services you use; if you visit other XCMG Indodrill websites, we may personalize your experience and deliver content (including advertising) tailored to your interests. may directly authenticate or connect users to an authenticated (or logged in) experience based on user activity or digital data entered by the user. An authenticated experience occurs when a set of login credentials is obtained from the user and will allow the provision of additional experiences and access that were not granted to the unauthenticated user. In this case, anonymous users are not accepted or permitted. General authenticated users include XCMG Indodrill and Dealer personnel, customers and affiliates. In an authenticated experience, we collect the information discussed in the section above which will now be linked to the authenticated account profile and additional information associated with that account profile. If a user provides personal information on behalf of another individual, that user must ensure that appropriate consent is obtained from the individual concerned. Examples of how your information may be used may include (but are not limited to) requesting, accessing and administering XCMG Indodrill systems, services or programs.

Some additional personal information we may collect includes personal preferences and authenticated account information.

Personal Preferences allow us to provide an experience tailored to your preferences for consuming content.

Authenticated Account Information is an identity profile that is requested or created by a user and collected by XCMG Indodrill to ensure that you are an authorized user.

At this time, does not respond to “Do Not Track” signals that may be sent by your browser. We may revisit this if there is a standard on how to interpret and apply the signal.

Cookies and other tracking technologies, in general, are used to improve the efficiency of websites and applications, thereby enabling better processing of information, and for a variety of other reasons. To learn more about this site’s use of cookies, select the “Cookie Settings” link in the footer of this site.

We connect with third party solutions that allow third party companies to collect certain information when you visit this Site. This company uses non-personally identifiable information (e.g., click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of the ad that was clicked or scrolled, hardware/software information, cookies and session ID) and information that enables identification of you ( e.g. static IP address) during your visit to this Site and other websites to provide advertisements for products you are most likely to be interested in or advertising-related services, such as ad serving, reporting, attribution, analysis and market research. These third parties typically use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, or other similar tracking technologies to collect this information. For example, when visiting our site, these third parties may place or recognize a unique cookie in your browser to collect certain information about you and your interest in our Products and may be used to serve ads on other websites based on your interests. This information may also be used to associate devices belonging to the same user (based on user behavior or other information collected), re-identified to individual users (e.g., e-mail addresses), or used to personalize experiences and deliver content (including advertisements) that tailored to your interests if you visit other XCMG Indodrill websites, for example. More information about this is available in our Cookie Disclosure. This includes:

Microsoft Bing Ads – Bing Ads collect user information (including personally identifiable information) from Microsoft online properties and applications, as well as other technologies such as tags, pixels, or unique tracking codes (“Bing Ads User Data”). Microsoft uses Bing Ads User Data for the purposes of serving Bing Ads, including, where relevant, retargeting and conversions. Microsoft uses Bing Ads User Data for its own purposes, including to improve its services. To learn more about how Microsoft collects, uses, and processes personally identifiable information, including information about how to control the use of your data for interest-based advertising from Microsoft, see its Privacy Statement at -us/privacystatement.

Facebook Advertising – Facebook collects user information (including personally identifiable information) from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other products and features offered by Facebook apps and other technologies such as tags, pixels, or unique tracking codes (“Facebook User Data” “). Facebook uses Facebook User Data for the purpose of serving Facebook Ads, including, where relevant, retargeting and conversions. Facebook uses Facebook User Data for its own purposes, including to improve its services. To learn more about how Facebook collects, uses, and processes information and how you can manage or delete information about you, see its Data Policy at

Google Analytics from Google – Google Analytics is a third party analytics service. We use Google Analytics to collect information about your use of this Site. Google Analytics collects information about visitor behavior on this Site, such as how often users visit this Site, what pages they view, when they view those pages, and what other websites they used before coming to this Site. We use the information we obtain from Google Analytics to analyze user behavior, improve site performance, and personalize user experience. Google Analytics only collects the IP address assigned to you on the date of your visit to this site, and not your name or other identifying information. Google Analytics anonymizes IP addresses before storing them. We do not accept IP addresses that are not anonymized. We may combine Google Analytics data with first and third party data information which may include personally identifiable information. Although Google Analytics places a permanent cookie in your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit this site, it cannot be used by any party except Google. To learn more about how Google collects and uses data, visit For specific options for opting out of Google Analytics, please visit

When users browse, they may find links to other XCMG Indodrill and non-XCMG Indodrill websites. Users are notified that when a link is selected, they may encounter different features and experiences which may have different processes and privacy notices unrelated to

We reserve the right to change this privacy notice. If we update or change this privacy notice, the changes will be made on this page. Your use of the Website following the posting of changes to this privacy notice will indicate your agreement to those changes.