Tales from the Tunnel: An Indonesian Odyssey in XCMG Factory Visit at Xuzhou

Setting Off on a Journey

The tale begins in Jakarta, where a diverse group of 21 individuals with a shared purpose gathered at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Among them were engineers, construction company owners, and state-owned company officials, united by a common mission. Their destination: the heart of China, Xuzhou, home to the renowned XCMG factory and the birthplace of micro-tunneling marvels.

As the clock struck 20:30, they assembled for check-in, ensuring that all travel arrangements were in order. They would transit through Hong Kong, making their journey more than a mere flight. Before boarding, they diligently completed health declarations via their smartphones, a precautionary measure for safe travel.

Crossing Continents, Meeting in Hong Kong

Their journey truly began when they boarded CX798, departing for Shanghai with a brief stopover in Hong Kong. Amidst the bustling airport terminals, they forged a bond as a team, ensuring everyone was accounted for. Indodrill’s crew always made sure that their fellow travelers were comfortable and ready to embark on this adventure.

After landing in Hong Kong and stepping onto the airport, the delegation continued to assemble. The transition between flights was seamlessly orchestrated, thanks to the great cooperation of all delegations who always looking for each other and leave no man behind through the labyrinthine airport.

Welcome to Shanghai

Their journey brought them to the vibrant city of Shanghai, where the delegation was warmly welcomed. The experience of clearing immigration and customs was swift, ensuring a smooth transition. As always Indodrill’s crew coordinated their transfer to Shanghai Hongqiao Bullet Train Station, where they would board the next leg of their adventure.

In the midst of their journey, they paused for a moment to relish their newfound freedom, enjoying a quick lunch at the train station before proceeding to their next destination. The bonds between the members of the delegation grew stronger, setting the tone for the days ahead.

Xuzhou Awaits

Their train journey on G1818 brought them to the enchanting city of Xuzhou. As they disembarked, they were met with a warm Xuzhou welcome, exemplifying the hospitality that China is known for. They gathered as a group, ensuring that no one was left behind, and Indodrill’s crew continued to guide the way as assembly point markers.

The day ended with a welcome dinner, where they indulged in the flavors of local cuisine. Afterward, they retreated to the Pengcheng Hotel, a place of comfort and respite. It was a well-deserved night’s rest, and they were eager for what the days ahead would bring.

A Day of Discovery at XCMG

The morning sun illuminated their second day in China, and after a hearty breakfast, they embarked on the highlight of their journey: a visit to XCMG’s factory. Their anticipation soared as they entered the facility, where micro-tunneling machines came to life.

The delegation marveled at the intricate assembly process, where skilled technicians and cutting-edge machinery worked in unison. Mr. Li, their host, guided them through the factory, revealing the secrets behind micro-tunneling machine production. Every component had a crucial role, from the mighty cutterhead to the delicate control panels.

Insights and Exchange

After the factory tour, the delegation gathered in a specially prepared conference room within the XCMG facility. The room buzzed with anticipation as they took their seats. This was a unique opportunity, not just to witness the marvels of micro-tunneling technology but to engage in meaningful dialogue with the very leaders who shaped the industry.

The presentation was delivered by a distinguished factory engineer, an expert in the field of micro-tunneling. Charts, graphs, and images danced across the screen, illustrating the intricacies of XCMG’s cutting-edge technology. The engineer’s passion for the subject was evident in every word, and the delegation hung on every detail, gaining a deeper appreciation for the technology that had drawn them to China.

Following the presentation, it was time for the delegation to have a discussion session with the most influential figures at XCMG’s foundation factory. Seated at the head of the table were the President Director and Vice President Director, individuals whose vision had driven XCMG to the forefront of the construction industry.

The room was filled with the hum of conversation as questions were posed, ideas exchanged, and insights shared. It was a true meeting of minds, a moment where the delegation’s needs and the aspirations of XCMG aligned. Indodrill’s director Suinoto, representing the delegation, took the lead in facilitating the discussion, ensuring that every voice was heard.

As the discussion unfolded, it became clear that this meeting was not just about business; it was about building relationships and forging partnerships. The President Director and Vice President Director of XCMG’s foundation factory welcomed the Indonesian delegation not just as customers but as collaborators in the ongoing journey of innovation.

This meeting marked a pivotal moment in the delegation’s journey, where technology and human connection converged. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. The bonds forged in that conference room would extend beyond borders and endure long after the delegation’s return home.

With the discussion session concluded, the delegation left the room with a renewed sense of purpose.

They had not only witnessed the marvels of micro-tunneling technology but had engaged with the visionary leaders behind it. As they left the factory that day, they carried with them not only knowledge but the seeds of future partnerships, ready to nurture them into flourishing collaborations.

And so, the tale of the Indonesian delegation’s visit to XCMG’s factory and their journey through China continued, filled with technology, human connection, and the promise of a brighter future.

Exploring XCMG’s Heritage

Their journey through XCMG continued with a visit to the XCMG Museum. It was a journey through time, as they explored the rich history of the company and its contributions to the world of construction machinery. The museum’s exhibits showcased the evolution of XCMG, from its humble beginnings to its current status as an industry giant. The delegation marveled at the innovation and dedication that had propelled XCMG to the forefront of the construction world.

The evening brought another delightful experience: a dinner featuring local unique BBQ cuisine. The flavors of China danced on their taste buds as they shared stories and laughter, strengthening the bonds of camaraderie.

A Glimpse into History

As dawn broke on the 28th of July, they set off on an excursion to the Guishan Han Tomb, a testament to China’s rich history. Here, they uncovered the legacy of the Han Dynasty, a civilization that had shaped the course of history. The tomb’s grand scale, extraordinary design, and delicate work left an indelible impression on the delegation. It was a reminder of the enduring impact of ancient China on the modern world.

After a fascinating morning of exploration, they enjoyed a hearty lunch before bidding farewell to Xuzhou. Their journey back to Shanghai was swift, thanks to the high-speed train, and they arrived in the bustling city ready for more adventures.

Farewell, Shanghai

Their final day in China began with a visit to Chenghuang Temple, a hub for souvenirs and local snacks. Amidst shopping and exploration, they relished their last moments in Shanghai, collecting mementos of their unforgettable journey. Shanghai, with its blend of tradition and modernity, offered the delegation a taste of China’s diverse culture. Lunch was a time for individual exploration, allowing each delegate to savor their preferred flavours of Shanghai. They then strolled along Nanjing Road, the world’s longest shopping district, indulging in retail therapy. The vibrant atmosphere, lined with shops and restaurants, was a testament to Shanghai’s dynamic energy.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, they embarked on a river cruise along the Huangpu River. A dinner cruise on the Huangpu River provided the perfect finale to their journey. As they dined on the boat, gazing at the city’s illuminated glittering skyline, with its iconic Bund, came alive, painting a vivid picture of a city that seamlessly merged the old with the new, they cherished the memories they had made. The glittering lights mirrored the sparkle in their eyes, a testament to the magic of their time in China.

The Journey Home

The morning of July 30th marked the end of their adventure. They checked out of the hotel after breakfast, bringing their luggage along. Their next destination was Pudong Airport in Shanghai, where they would begin their journey back to Indonesia. The group is prepared for a smooth departure.

After clearing check-in and immigration, they had some free time to explore the airport and have lunch on their own. It was a moment for individual reflection, a chance to ponder the experiences and friendships forged during their time in China.

As the clock neared 13:00, they assembled at the boarding gate, ready to board CX367, the flight that would take them from Shanghai to Hong Kong. The journey was punctuated by transit and moments of free time, allowing them to reflect on the enriching experiences of the past days.

At 19:05, they gathered at the boarding gate for their flight CX797, which would take them from Hong Kong to Jakarta. The anticipation of returning home filled the air, but it was tinged with a hint of nostalgia for the adventures they had shared.

Journey’s End, Beginnings Remembered

As they touched down in Jakarta, the familiar sights and sounds of their homeland welcomed them back. The Indonesian delegation had completed their voyage of discovery, one that had taken them through the heart of China and its micro-tunnelling marvels.

But their journey was more than a physical one; it was a tale of camaraderie, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of knowledge. The bonds they had formed would endure beyond the airport terminal, a testament to the power of exploration and shared experiences.

As they dispersed to their respective homes and workplaces, each member carried with them memories of a remarkable journey. They were not just delegates but storytellers, ready to share their experiences of a journey that had unveiled the wonders of XCMG, the beauty of China, and the enduring spirit of adventure.

And so, the tale of the Indonesian delegation’s visit to XCMG’s factory came to a close, but the stories and memories they had collected would be cherished and retold for years to come. It was a journey of a lifetime, a chapter in their lives that would forever be etched in their hearts.

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