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XCMG Official XG series Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab XG700E

  • Mature “H” type telescopic track chassis, unfold width 3500-4900mm, wheel distance 5600mm, can be equipped with dump leg structure, construction safety and stability, easy to disassemble and transport;
  • Rear double roll up single row rope structure, solve the problem of biting rope grinding rope, avoid the risk of falling off the bucket, improve the service life of wire rope 1-3 times;
  • Imported Volvo 13L engine, 315kW rated power output, strong power;
  • The use of Resle liquid control main valve, the new liquid control double roll up synchronization technology, to ensure the reliability of equipment construction;
  • High/low speed two-speed control decentralization technology, maximum decentralized speed of up to 75m/min, improve the efficiency of the grip slot;
  • With grasping groove closing process wire rope automatic tightening system, simple operation, to ensure slotting accuracy;
  • Self-made heavy-duty long guide, large closed force push plate correction grab, slot precision is high, hard layer grasping ability is strong;
  • Optional ± 90-degree, 0-180-degree grab swing device to meet the requirements of the construction of small spaces in the city.


The working parameters
Groove thicknessMm.800-1500。
Slot depthM.105。
Maximum lift forceKn.2×350
Maximum lift/drop speedm/min40/80。
Hydraulic system pressureMpa32。
The working radiusMm.4800-5800。
Engine parameters
Rated powerkW/rpm315/1900。
Chassis parameters
Maximum walking speedkm/h1.5。
Maximum climb%30。
Minimum off-site clearanceMm.450。
Track plate widthMm.800。
Track spacingMm.3500-4900。
Form factor (long X.W X.height)
The working stateMm.11500×4900×18900
The shipping statusMm.16100×3500×3560
The working weight of the whole machineT.128。


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