Over 100 units of XCMG Machinery Shipped to North America!

At 5 o’clock in the morning,
The first ray of sunshine rose from sea and
Cast on the international port.
Here the golden XCMG machines were ready to be shipped.
Standing in lines, they
Looked really brilliant in the sunshine.

Dozens of operators drove XCMG road machinrey and excavators to board the giant ocean liner.

More than 100 construction machines of XCMG, the leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, were ready to be shipped to North America across the ocean.

The global pandemic cannot stop the international expansion of XCMG. According to the responsible person at the port, it was the largest export of construction machinery handled by the port in recent years.

The exported XCMG road machinery and excavators are customized models for North America, which have wonderful performance and reliability:

●They meet the EPA Tier4F emission standard adopted in North America, whose PM value and Nox emission limit are over ten times lower than the indicators in China.
●They are energy-saving, environment-friendly and easy to be maintained and repaired, which cater to the operators’ habits in North America.

XCMG takes the lead among competitors to resume production and export its construction machinery when Covid-19 is still spreading. Since February 10, XCMG has led the downstream and upstream supply chain to resume production in full capacity.

North America is the high-end market where XCMG has been exploring with arduous efforts. Based on XCMG Research Center in USA and XCMG North America, it has developed series of products that meet the certification standards in the region. At the same time, XCMG keeps building local marketing and service system, provides clients with solutions to complete set of construction machinery. It also collaborates with many famous equipment leasing companies to develop the new partnership model in North America.

The more than 100 XCMG machines will help with economic development in North America. At the same time, they will fully present the XCMG’s philosophy of “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products”

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