Surprises Coming Your Way! Welcome to XCMG’s 2nd Live Stream (Central Asia Special Edition)!

Following its first live stream with a global reach in May, XCMG held its first XCMG live stream (Central Asia special edition) in Russian on June 12, also first case in Chinese construction machinery industry.

Places in Xuzhou (China), Moscow(Russia), and Alma-Ata(Kazakhstan), 14 best-sellers were unveiled one after another. More than 60,000 people crowded into the live room in the two-hour live stream. They left messages, rushed to purchase, and placed orders. This cloud meeting is inarguably fascinating. 

Best lineup, XCMG’s Russian Internet celebrities shine in the live stream

“привет, it’s 15:30, June 12, Beijing time…” In the newly arranged live room, the two handsome hosts: Liu Zhide and Na Changzhe, sent greetings to friends online in Russian.

14 Russian anchors showed up in the live stream, including foreign employees at XCMG. With professionalism, fluent Russian, and intelligence, the handsome guys and pretty girls made the live stream a lot more eye-catching.

Overseas venues sell products “on-site”

Different from the first live stream in May, in addition to watching the exhibition of XCMG’s state-of-the-art equipment at XCMG’s various workshops, this time, the live stream (Central Asia special edition) moved our venue to the frontline to better accommodate the folk customs of Central Asian countries.

At XCMG’s sales company in Moscow, Russia, General Manager Li Yunpeng, together with his local colleagues, sold products with witty remarks; in XCMG’s branch office in Alma-Ata Kazakhstan, General Manager Hai’na and his colleagues interacted frequently with the audience through on-site demonstrations.

Eye-grabbing best-sellers snapped up

All of the 14 best-sellers introduced in the live stream are tailored for the Central Asian market.

They include: cranes specially designed for the Central Asian market; loaders used in Alpine regions; powerful, sturdy and durable excavators and mining products; road machinery and aerial work platforms with stable performance.

With energy-saving, eco-friendly, and reliable XCMG equipment, special preferential policies, service parts gift packs, and product discount prizes, we are expecting rounds of XCMG equipment buying sprees.

Fine workmanship and demonstration, online and offline interaction

Surprises after surprises, orders after orders

At the end of the event

Audience and customers left messages online,

Calling for an interactive live stream

targeting their regions

Don’t worry, “customized live streams” similar to Central Asia special edition

Will be arranged for our global fans

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