Rock Core Drill XDY2000


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1. The CUMMINS high-power engine is powerful and forceful which can satisfy the construction requirement in bad conditions;

2. These drills are adopted the advanced control technique includes load sensitive control electro-hydraulic proportion control, and the usage of the import hydraulic parts can make the system work stably and ensure the quality;

3. The machine adopts single row rope for main winch to figure out the wear of steal rope, and extend the lifespan;

4. With the cylinder used for the pull-down of the rotary drive, the system works smoothly and steadily;

5. Electromechanical-hydraulic jointly control method is adapted for the rotary drive, stepless speed regulation. Reasonable torsion-speed rate can meet the construction of varying layer;

6. Home-made undercarriage steel apron wheel,the moving of the machine is controlled by the line which is convenient and safe;

7. Adapting safe operation control system can avoid misoperation and make the manipulation more convenient and security;

8. Adapting independent energy conservation and environment protection oil cooler can make the hydraulic system more adaptive in complicated surroundings.

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Drilling Capacity
PQ(Φ114.3) c(m)1000
rated power(kW)179
rated RPM(r/min)2200
max torque(Nm)5750
max rotation(r/min)1300
max inside diameter(mm)Φ121
Mast and feed system
max pull(kN)200
max push(kN)100
drilling angle(︒)45~90
dump length(mm)3500
mast length(m)13
Main hoist
max pull(kN)152
max pulling speed(m/min)55
rope diameter(mm)Φ24
rope length(m)35
Steel wire hoist
max pull(kN)12
max pulling speed (bare drum)(m/min)130
max pulling speed (full drum)(m/min)420
rope diameter(mm)Φ6/Φ5
rope length(m)1700/2000
Foot clamp
Drill rod-BQ、NQ、HQ、PQ
Travelling system
Travelling speed(km/h)3.5
permissible gradient(︒)30
rated flow rate(L/min)320
rated pressure(MPa)8
total weight(t)13.5

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