XDN500H-L Slurry Pipe Jacking Machine


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XCMG Slurry Balance Pipe Jacking XDN500H-L Trenchless Technology

1. Higher reliability:

The hydraulic overload protection system is safer and more reliable;

Hydraulic motors and reducers use integral mechanical seals, which have good waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

2. Higher construction efficiency:

The hydraulic motor has large output torque, high speed, and fast construction speed;

The empty stroke speed is fast and the construction waiting time is short.

3. Higher security:

The unique domestic 24V low-voltage console, safe operation;

The patented shell follow-up sealing design, the sealing strip has a long service life and good effect; the spindle adopts multiple sealing types, the sealing is reliable, can withstand high water pressure, and the equipment is safe.

4. Better operability:

The cutter head speed and jacking speed can be adjusted steplessly, which makes it easier to realize the matching operation of the cutter head speed, jacking speed and different formations.

5. The working well is smaller:

The size of the originating well is Φ3300mm, and the size of the receiving well is Φ2600mm.


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