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XCMG 240kn Hydraulic Dual Rotary Drilling Rig Bored Pile Machine XR240E.

Performance Characteristics:

1. XCMG 240kn Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig XR240E As a multi-function machine, it can realize the quick switching of functions such as cylinder pressurization, crowd winch pressurization, oscillator, CFA, and dual powerhead;

2. The capacity of the rotary drive and the main winch is increased by 20% and the work efficiency is higher;

3. The rotary drive can be equipped with a torque multiplier (optional). The casing drive torque is up to 360kN-m and the casing construction ability is stronger;

4. The main and auxiliary winches both adopt single-layer rope technology. The service life of the wire rope is 2〜4 times longer than that of the multi-layer rope and the cost is lower;

5. The double jib parallelogram luffing mechanism has a large support angle and a 16% increase in the support range. The operation a more stable;

6. The hydraulic system adopts negative flow control technology which has a fast response and good control performance;

7. The independent high-power rate temperature-controlled hydraulic oil cooler is suitable for high-temperature construction and can adjust fan speed with temperature changes;

8. Intelligent control system can automatically adjust and display the verticality of the mast, automatically slew and slag discharge, CFA model automatically lifting concrete pouring and pile type display. The system uses a bus panel design to prevent misoperation.

The working parameters.
Maximum drilling diameter.Mm.2200 / 2000
Maximum drilling depth.M.70。
Engine parameters.
Rated power.kW.270。
Power head parameters.
Maximum output torque.kN.m.
Pressurized cylinder parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.210。
Maximum lift force.Kn.220。
Maximum travel.M.5。
Pressurized roll-up parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.250*
Maximum lift force.Kn.250*
Maximum travel.M.13*
The main roll-up parameter.
Maximum lift force.Kn.240。
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.70。
Sub-roll-up parameters.
Maximum lift force.Kn.80。
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.70。
Drill mast tilt side/forward/back tilt.°4/5/15.
Chassis parameters.
Maximum walking speed.km/h.1.8。
Maximum climb.%35
Track plate width.Mm.800
The maximum total width of the track.Mm.3250-4400
System parameters.
Work pressure.MPa.35
The quality of the whole machine.T.84
The working state.Mm.
8870 x 4400 x 22800.
The shipping status.Mm.17525 x 3250 x 3594.


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