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XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E stands for our company’s achievement in many years’ development and researches on piling machine, adopting the advanced technology, both at home and abroad.

With our company’s powerful machinery manufacturing capacity, XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E is specially designed to drill the pile hole with the big diameter and into hard—layers, fitting for layer conditions in most areas.

Performance Characteristics:

  1. XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E adopts dedicated TDP series hydraulic retractable chassis and large—diameter slewing bearing and has high stability and convenience of transport It has long wheel base which makes it very adaptable to the terrain.
  2. Transportation of the machine includes a drilling bar. Transportation width is only 2.5m and transportation height is only 3.5 m. Light transport weight makes easier to load and unload.
  3. Rotary drive, main winch and auxiliary winch have high output speed, which develops the efficiency of work.
  4. XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E adopts guangxi cummins turbocharged engine with electro—control which provides strong power and meets the requirements of EU3 emission standard, can select imported engine of cummins.
  5. XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E adopts imported Kawasaki hydraulic system with high reliability and a lot of technology of XCMG.
  6. XCMG rotary drilling rig XR130E adopts the technology of CAN electronic control and simplify the hydraulic plumbing system which improves the reliability of the machine.
  7. A variety of specifications configuration of drilling bars are available which meets the needs of different working conditions.
  8. Cylinder crowded, winch crowded, drive of casing pipe, CFA, spin—off type function are optional.
The working parameters.
Maximum drilling diameter.Mm.1500/1300
Maximum drilling depth.M.50。
Engine parameters.
Rated power.kW.169。
Power head parameters.
Maximum output torque.kN.m.130。
Pressurized cylinder parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.120。
Maximum lift force.Kn.140。
Maximum travel.M.3.5。
Pressurized roll-up parameters.
Maximum pressure.Kn.200*
Maximum lift force.Kn.200*
Maximum travel.M.11*
The main roll-up parameter.
Maximum lift force.Kn.140。
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.75。
Sub-roll-up parameters.
Maximum lift force.Kn.50。
Maximum roll-up speed.m/min.70。
Drill mast tilt side/forward/back tilt.°3/5/15.
Chassis parameters.
Maximum walking speed.km/h.2.7。
Maximum climb.%40
Track plate width.Mm.600
The maximum total width of the track.Mm.2500-3600
System parameters.
Work pressure.MPa.35
The quality of the whole machine.T.43。
The working state.Mm.7546 x 3600 x 17724.
The shipping status.Mm.14097 x 2500 x 3500.


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